Saturday, 23 June 2007

PSE stock picks for June 25

Here we are again with our picks for the week. This time we saw 2 similar looking patterns on 2 different issues. First off the bat is DGTL.

As can be seen in the chart, we clearly see a cup w/ handle with a falling wedge acting as our handle. I'm just waiting for a breakout at 1.72. If it flies from there, I'm looking at 2.85 as the target. However, we must also take note of previous resistances at 2.00, since this is also a psychological resistance, and 2.10 as another resistance. After that, we should see DGTL fly.

Next on the radar is EIB. The pattern may not be as clear as DGTL, but it could also be worth looking at. I believe that there is also a cup w/ handle here. A symmetrical triangle serves as the handle. If it breaks out, I'm looking at a trigger price of 0.59 and seeing a target price of 0.78.

But between the two, I prefer DGTL. Okay, time to place your bets!

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