Friday, 21 September 2007

MIC It Real

Interest has returned to MIC after a long while. After breaking out of what is a mere trading range, 3 days ago, it now has formed what would deem to be a flag.

It is now priced around the 130MA, which is at 5.36. The 130MA has also served as support and hopefully MIC won't fall any further. So if what's forming now is really a flag, our resistance for the next trading day is 5.60 with the target poinitng to 6.80. However we should expect some resistance at 6.60 as the 65MA before it can continue. On the other hand, the MACD shows the 2 lines steady while slowly moving higher.

If one would notice, the GEMINI issues are moving again. NI is suspended pending further explanation of their deal. GEO is moving higher but isn't as strong as before. But MIC...this is a possible tsupitero's delight. Should prices follow expectations, then the price should break out very soon giving us at least a 17% rise in prices.

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