Saturday, 22 December 2007

Christmas Wishes for Everyone in the Local Market

The trading in the PSE has suddenly come to a crawl. It's very obvious that many are already in a vacation state of mind. So rather than force the issue and look for something that's not there, let's be childlike once again and have some good wishes, not only for us but for the markets, in general.

  1. I wish for a PSE where the global investing/trading public would seriously consider putting their money in this market. In order to do this, market capitalization has to be increased at least five-fold. Hopefully, this would reduce the chances that the minority with strong hands would be the one in control of the market.
  2. I wish for brokers to be more conscientious of their actions towards their clients. I'm not saying all of them are crooks. But there are some. Not only should they be avoided, but they should mend their ways. They don't realize that their shenanigans puts back a few decades all the reforms that the PSE has done so far.
  3. I wish for a PSE that is successful in its information campaign in educating the public about what the stock market is all about and how to invest/trade properly. Our friends in Absolute Traders are educating many of those who join their seminars, the pros and cons of investing/trading, but they can only do so much. The PSE must lead this campaign.
  4. I wish for a PSE that would finally implement short selling, the way they do it in the US and not some version that makes you jump through hoops, short of telling you, you're better off not shorting the market.
  5. I wish for the public and brokers to embrace technical analysis as an alternative to the usual style of investing/trading. It's definitely an unorthodox way of doing things but who will complain if it's effective? Of course, there are others out there who find it foolish, idiotic, etc. Ah well, their loss.
  6. I wish for an investing/trading public that is more informed and seeks less rumors. It's an open secret that the PSE thrives on rumors. If it weren't for rumors, our market won't have any activity. It's about time for the market to be taken seriously.
I better stop it here or we'd end up having a list that won't end until the New Year rolls in.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

"...I'm wishing on a dream, to find out what it means..."

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