Tuesday, 25 December 2007

It's That Same Old DGTL Feeling Again

Months back, I thought that DGTL was on the verge of breaking out and was going to give PLTL a run for its money, at least as far as the stock price was concerned. Well, that sure fizzled out and left me feeling very disappointed. Hold your horses, here we go again!

1.66 seems to be some area of resistance. I would feel more confident getting into DGTL once this barrier is broken and with lots of volume to boot!

Based on the pattern, I'm looking at 2.20 as my target but we have to be wary of the 2.02 level. There was a previous resistance at that level.

There seem to be two things going for it that indicates some bullishness on DGTL despite its books being in the red. First is the MACD where after months of it hovering in bearish territory, it now is in bullish territory and still going strong. The other would be the moving averages; specifically the 65 & 130-day MA. The 65MA is just about to cross above the 130MA, another bullish signal. As for the 260MA, it's at 1.60, which should now serve as support.

I don't really expect DGTL to kick in during the last week of 2007 as many are on vacation, or at least their brains are. But you never can tell, so unless we want another opportunity to pass us by, let's check out what happens to DGTL in the coming days. It could be a great way to start 2008.

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