Friday, 28 December 2007

DGTL Socks It To 'Em

The anticipation was correct, the timing a little too early. I'm talking about DGTL's breakout of the flag. For most of the day, it was stuck between 1.74 and 1.78. In fact, no one expected it to surge in the last few minutes, but surge it did.

The year ended with a bang for DGTL. Just look at the significant increase in volume! To think that I was prepping myself to buy DGTL on Jan. 2, 2008; where I was expecting the breakout to happen. I was tipped off by Broker M that it closed at 1.84 and it was in the run off period. Well, hell, I'm not gonna sulk and say I missed the boat, I'm gonna ride the wave! So I got some at the close. Who knows? Maybe there might be some oops trade on Jan. 2 for this.

But the real play here for me is NOT the flag as the return is quite small, but I'm riding on the breakout of the double bottom.

Again, be reminded that the area of 2.02 could meet some resistance before it proceeds to 2.20. Let's keep the faith and be vigilant of our stops!

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